4 Summer Lipstick Colors Everyone Is Wearing Right Now

While summer 2021 might be remembered in the beauty world as the season that colorful eye shadow reigned supreme, it’s the resurgence of lipstick that I’m more interested in. Yes, despite the reality of face masks, meaning many of us were spending more time concentrating on the makeup that goes on the upper half of our faces, once unmasked, I’ve noticed that lipstick is still very much a staple of every fashion person’s beauty routine. And this summer’s hottest lipstick colours are a delight to behold—from the revival of classic crimson to new-gen glosses, there’s a lipstick love-in happening right now. And I’m very much on board with it.

Ahead, keep scrolling for the four summer lipstick colors that everyone will be wearing and to shop my favorite formulations. 

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