6 Perfect Summer Date-Night Outfits

We’ve touched on this subject before, but dressing for a date is deceptively complicated. The pressure of wanting to really wow with your outfit, the often unknown factor of where you’re going or what you’ll be doing, and the sheer stress of simply going on a date could all cloud your overall ability to make decisions. Throw in the additional element of sticky summer heat and you’re really in for a problem. You know you’ve been there at least once or twice.

Well, before you decide to cancel last-minute, we took one for the team and put together an array of dazzling outfits that beat the heat but are next-level stylish, too. That’s right—we’re crossing two headaches off your list when it comes to summer date-night outfits. Whether you’re into fancy dresses, casual jeans, or skirts, we’ve got something for you. Keep scrolling through to see all of the looks as well as the pieces to try for your next summer rendezvous. 

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