6 Technologies That Allow You to Operate a Home-Based Business Professionally

Working from home is far from simply a fad brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even well before the current public health crisis, many entrepreneurs have seen sense in basing their operations at their own homes – especially given the overhead costs that would come with working out of a traditional office instead.

The prospect of working from home is especially attractive given the following tech that can help make running a home-based business surprisingly straightforward.

Home-Based Business

All-in-one hardware 

You don’t have to settle for purchasing a scanner, printer, fax machine and copier as separate units when you could instead purchase just one machine that combines the functionality of all of these products. 

Nonetheless, if you anticipate doing a lot of printing, allBusiness suggests that you buy a dedicated laser printer – even if you already intend to pick up an all-in-one unit capable of laser printing. 


If you aren’t particularly technically-minded and your budget is tight, Aaron Schwartz of shipping carrier Passport insists in a Forbes article that “there’s nothing better than G-Suite”, which includes apps for creating and editing written documents and spreadsheets.

Here’s some especially encouraging news if your business is just starting out: Schwartz enthuses that “almost anything you need as you’re launching can be managed via Google’s products, and most are either free or extremely cheap.”

Google Drive 

Another useful piece of Google software that happens to be free is Google Drive. While there would be paid software-as-a-service (SaaS) alternatives available if you wanted to implement a cloud storage solution for your company, you shouldn’t underestimate the worth of using an inexpensive option from day one.

This is because doing so could let you cost-effectively establish where your requirements really lie before you decide whether switching to a paid solution would be sufficiently economical.


As a business owner, you are bound to have a lot on your plate, but some things on that plate will be more important or urgent than others. 

Hence, you could benefit immensely from seeing, at a glance, all of the individual tasks you need to do and when you need to do them. Trello is a free organisational tool that can provide you with a comprehensive but easy-to-digest overview of your work responsibilities.

Multi-tier software 

Naturally, when you do spend on business tech, you want it to deliver you good ROI (return in investment). A reliable way of ensuring this is avoiding spending on more than what your business currently needs.

Thankfully, many enterprise software solutions are easily scalable. Consider the example of Gamma’s cloud contact centre offering Horizon Contact, which can be speedily scaled from two to 500 seats as and when necessary.

Online freelancer sites 

What if certain tasks require a heavy workload but remain too momentary for you to have to employ someone new? You could hire freelancers to ensure that certain tasks spilling over from your own timetable can still be tackled on an ad hoc basis. 

Websites where you could look for suitably skilled freelancers include Upwork and LinkedIn’s ProFinder.

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