6 Time-Saving Classroom Organization Tips for Tired Teachers

Outside of educating children, teachers have a ton of responsibilities. One of them is keeping their classrooms orderly.

Classroom organization is a great way of saving time and getting more done.

Staying organized positively affects your students. It helps them focus and learn at a higher level. Organization saves you time and money as well. You don’t run late transitioning between subjects when materials are in the right place.

Being organized also improves your health. A decluttered classroom reduces stress and anxiety, preventing illnesses like colds and headaches.

Classroom Organization Tips

Today’s teachers have a never-ending to-do list. There’s no wonder they’re always tired. Here are some classroom organization tips to make teacher life a little bit easier!

1. Classroom Organization Starts With Your Desk

Teaching ten or more hours a day can leave your desk looking like a mini-junkyard pile. Start there with getting things organized.

Your desk is the central focus of the classroom. Position it in a way where you can see the whole classroom at all times. Sort through papers and folders. Throw away outdated paperwork, and file others in their proper place.

Place a bin on the top corner of your desk for papers that need grading. Always keep your calendar visible in the center of your desk. These classroom organization tips are the start to saving time each day.

2. Get a File Cabinet

No classroom is complete without a file cabinet. Use one to store papers and records for your classroom.

Instead of dragging graded papers home. Set up a folder for each student in your file cabinet. Place graded papers there as well as student records. You can also make folders for upcoming assignments and exams.

A file cabinet is one of many classroom organization resources used to store field trip memories as well.

3. Put Up Some Shelves

Your desk is not a library. If you treat it that way by piling books on it, you’ll never see it again.

Install some shelves. Keep books and resource materials on the shelves. You can use shelves to store gifts, decorations, and mementos.

4. Milk Crates

Milk crates are the best thing since filing cabinets, except you can use them for anything. Here are some fun and unique ways to use them:

  • Store toys and recess games
  • To hold excess books
  • As DIY stools and benches
  • As cubby-hole shelves

You can also use them as little trash cans around the room to keep things tidy.

5. Old Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes are a great way to store small knick-knacks. Let the kids decorate them and use them as their personal storage boxes.

Store stuff like chalk, staples, glues sticks, and supplies for small projects. Students can place their shoeboxes in their desks or cubby-holes at the end of the day.

6. Labels

The best way to identify something is by labeling it. Place labels on almost everything. This way, you know what is what and where everything is.

Labels also help with organizing file folders inside file cabinets. You know exactly what’s inside each folder. Search online for some free label templates before you run out and buy them.

Get Organized

Put your to-do list in check by using classroom organization. Use these tips and others to eliminate the stress of everyday teacher life.

Want more tips like this for your classroom? Check out our lifestyle guide for up-to-date hacks and ideas for teachers and more.

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