An Insider’s Guide to Virginia Mountain Adventures

Whether you’re needing a family adventure or a retreat to the outdoors, Smyth County, Virginia offers a wide variety of expeditions. White Blaze Outdoors offers guided hikes to many of the region’s most well-known and beautiful locations. We provide a knowledgeable guide as well as any gear needed to help make your hike enjoyable. It is our mission to help people experience nature in a fun and therapeutic way. Transportation options are available with each hike upon request. Here are some of our favorite adventures.  

Hiking Grayson Highlands State Park
Hiking Grayson Highlands State Park 

If you are looking for a day of adventure into nature, Grayson Highlands State Park has lots to offer. Grayson Highlands is accessible through Smyth County and is known for its many hiking trails, scenic views, and alpine-like peaks. White Blaze Outdoors offers multiple hikes within the park, ranging from half-day hikes to overnight adventures. You can hike to one of the waterfalls, summit Mount Rogers, or hike one of the other many trails the park has to offer, while catching a glimpse of the beautiful wild ponies. If you are looking to stay overnight, there are different camping options along your journey. Back-Country camping is available right outside the park boundary and there is a campground option within the park. Your guide can help you find the spot to best fit the needs of your party. You are sure to find an enjoyable experience in Grayson Highlands State Park.

Wild Ponies in Grayson Highlands
Wild Ponies in Grayson Highlands 

Another beautiful hike offered by White Blaze Outdoors, is to Rowland Creek Falls. This half-day hike, of approximately 4 miles round trip, is medium difficulty with some steep climbs and creek crossings. The terrain at the base of the falls can be technical; however, your guide will assist you as you descend to the falls. You are sure to enjoy the beautiful falls. Pack a picnic and enjoy a day of fun and beauty.

Rowland Creek Falls
Rowland Creek Falls

Mount Rogers National Recreation Area is another popular location for adventure during any season. Accessed through Smyth County, you can hike or drive to Virginia’s other highest peak, White Top Mountain where you can enjoy spectacular views of the region while enjoying spruce-fir forests and mountain-bald views. Parking access for White Top Mountain or Mount Rogers can be found at Elk Garden Trailhead. You can also choose to stop at Skull’s Gap for a guided hike on the Iron Mountain Trail and are sure to find diverse wildlife. 

If you are looking to spend the entire day or maybe a family weekend in the wilderness, Hungry Mother Park is a great option. The 2,180-acre park offers hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, camping, and much more. You are sure to enjoy an adventure in nature at the park. The hike up to Molly’s Knob is a park favorite with an incredible view.  

Spectacular Views in Grayson Highlands
Spectacular vews in Grayson Highlands

Whether you want to spend the day with family, relax with scenic views, experience beautiful wildflowers, or capture incredible photography, Smyth County, Virginia is your place for an outdoor adventure. To find out more about all Smyth County has to offer, be sure to check out their website at Visit Smyth County. You can also visit White Blaze Outdoors to find the perfect hike for your journey.  

Cover photo: Grayson Highlands Sunset, courtesy of Kyle Phillip 
All other photos: Courtesy of White Blaze Outdoors

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