How to Deliver a Live Presentation During Video Conferencing

Communication is an important part of any business. There is a constant need to connect, share, collaborate and present data with colleagues. With more people working remotely now, most of the meetings take place via video conferencing. The teams can collaborate using a cloud based team management software and complete the project within the deadline.

With all the work going remote, the role of presentations is not forgotten. We still need to deliver presentations and projects reports to clients, team heads and mangers.

The process of delivering a presentation online is not as difficult as it might appear at first. With an efficient video presentation app like Soom you can deliver an amazing presenation online to a group of people. This tool is not limited to just online presentation but also enables you to record & share and go live with video conferencing.

What makes a great video conferencing app?

To put it in simple words, a video conferencing should be able to provide an interface to interact, share data, connect, deliver presentation and provide a collaborative environment to all the people involved.

A high quality video and audio output is a must feature. You can’t really have a successful video conferencing if you are not able to see the other person or not able to listen to everything clearly.

Reasons Soom is your best solution for video conferencing

I have found that Soom is the best solution for video conferencing specially for business communications because of all the features that it offers to the business community.

Surely, when you are talking to your friend or family via video conferencing all you need is good quality video and audio but business communications need a lot more than that.

Soom encapsulates all those features that makes it the prefect video conferencing app for businesses and educators.

Let us have a look at the main features offered by Soom.

Present live in a video conference

Soom enables you to deliver a good presentation online even when you are thousands of miles away. You can meet the customers and clients via the video conferencing and deliver the presentation live.

A live demo like this will not only help the viewers to have a better understanding but also help you clear all the doubts and questions regarding the presentation, also live. You can also record the whole session for future reference.

soom live presentation

Record a video presentation

This is a great and very important feature that makes Soom stand out from other video conferencing apps. You can stick important information like charts, graphs, numbers to the screen while you are delivering presentations.

Record visual ideas, annotations and teaching materials that can be easily shared and viewed anytime and anywhere.

record a presentation

Amazing virtual backgrounds

Another important feature of Soom. Virtual backgrounds help us protect the privacy of our environment. Soom provides real-to-life virtual backgrounds so that the viewer does not see or get distarcted by your real background.

These virtual backgrounds are available in many different templates to suit your viewer base. SOOM’s virtual background with automatic image mapping will help you complete your video conference from anywhere.

virtual backgrounds

PPT file importing

Do you already have a well-prepared PPT file to share? Well, you can easily import them to SOOM’s interface and quickly generate the content for presentation.

There are also many customization options like you can either choose to put yourself in full screen or choose to confine your image in a small portion so that the PPT can be presented side by side while you are explaining the slides.

This feature is really important to highlight the key points and interact with your viewers. Easily switch between presentation modes as you see fit.

Easy Conference launch

SOOM supports connection to all the popular video conferencing software like Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, etc.

Once you have created the content you would like to present just launch any video conferencing software with a single click and have an entirely new live presentation experience.

launch video conferencing

How to start a live presention with SOOM

The steps to start a live presentation with SOOM are very simple and quick.

Step 1: Select a presentation template from the available choices. Make sure that the presentation template you choose best suits your requirements.

select template

Step 2: Replace the contents in the template with the ones from your presentation. You can easily add or remove the elements or just replace them.

edit the template

Step 3: Launch the video conferencing app or record to share. Like I said before, SOOM supports all the video conferencing software so once you are ready to deliver the live presentation, just click to launch the video conferencing software.


Live presentations not only help you deliver the data and ideas more easily but also save the need of unnecessary travel just for the purpose of giving a presentation. SOOM enables you to give a presentation from even your neighborhood park by provding virtual backgrounds.

It is an amazing feature that it supports all the video conferencing apps so it does not matter if your clients are using Skype or Zoom, you can easily deliver the presentation to them anytime and from anywhere (literally).

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