How to Find the Right Bra Size

What are you looking for in a bra, and what are absolute noes for you?

I’ve been desperately searching for a well-fitting but comfortable strapless bra for summer. I can’t stand when a bra band is too tight and uncomfortable. If it’s digging into my back, I just won’t wear it. 

I love that now there’s an easy and precise bra-fitting app that people can use at home. Before using the mybraFit™ app, what were you expecting the experience to be like, and what was the actual reality?

Honestly, it’s hard to trust things like this. I wasn’t expecting the app to get my size right, and even when it shared its recommended size, I was skeptical. But I learned that the Wacoal sizing is different from other brands, so I trusted the process and ordered exactly what the app recommended. The original size I ordered seemed a little too big, but I wanted to be sure, so I called the customer service line and was put in touch with a Fit Expert who answered my questions and helped adjust me over a video call. I was right—I needed one size smaller. They sent me a new size, and I was so pleasantly surprised when the bra arrived. The fit is perfect! 

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