Outdoor Research’s New Sport Hijab + Mini Climbing Kits for Conservation

Outdoor Research Announces New Adventure-Ready Hijab 

We’ve all heard the saying, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.” For years we have seen various gear companies strive to improve performance, comfort, and durability, which in hand helps make the outdoors more accessible. While there are still many gaps in the accessibility department of the outdoor industry, Outdoor Research is helping pave the way to a more inclusive community with their newly announced Sport Hijab. 

“For too long sports like climbing, skiing, running, mountaineering, among others, have required gear or other types of access that were exclusive to a narrow group of people,” Outdoor Research stated on their website with the announcement of their new product. “Today we are proud to chip away at that gap of accessibility, by providing hijab-wearers a new solution that makes it easier to try a new outdoor sport, or excel at a sport they already love, with a higher-quality, technical product backed by over 40 years of protection and preparedness.”

The idea originated from Outdoor Research Product Manager Sara Nazim, who grew up climbing in Malaysia and saw the need for a hijab that was adventure-ready and didn’t require pins for a secure fit. The gear company collaborated with Marjana Tafader, a climber and mentor for Young Women Who Crush (YWWC) in New York City, to develop this product. From ideation, design, and testing, Tafader was a key contributor to making this project happen. 

“Our prototyping included both athletes and our hijab-wearing manufacturing team in Indonesia, as well as fit sessions on different head sizes and hair lengths,” Outdoor Research stated. “With the huge strides in material innovation that go into outdoor apparel, it’s due time that hijabs receive the same amount of attention, design focus, and fit expertise.”

The ActiveIce Sport Hijab will be in stock this coming November in three different colors and two sizes. According to Outdoor Research, it’s optimized for helmet wearing, with features for high exertion activity, cooling, and sun protection.

Learn more about the ActiveIce Sport Hijab here.
Learn more about non-profit Young Women Who Crush here.

MicroSend Launches Miniature Climbing Kits for Conservation and Access

Sometimes, big ideas come in small packages. Clearman Labs, the creators of Matador Travel Equipment and Tiny Tents, announced this week its newest project, MicroSend—a magnetic mini route-setting kit that lets climbers bring the crag home and get creative. The best part is that the brand is partnering with Access Fund to help support the protection of America’s climbing access and environments. 

“MicroSend is a funny little concept we created to not only spark joy amongst the climbing community but to give back to Access Fund and help spread their messaging,” stated Chris Clearman, Founder and CEO of Clearman Labs, in a press release. “We’re thrilled to support sustainable access and conservation – and we’re also thrilled to introduce this adorable micro-crag to the world.”

The kit comes in two different colors and includes 15 magnetic mini-holds, five mini-quickdraws, and a 90-centimeter micro-rope. The idea is that climbers can visualize gym projects, practice route-setting skills, or just have personalized/outdoorsy-themed decor for their fridge. 

According to MicroSend, each purchase directly supports Access Fund, a national advocacy organization that works to inspire and represent climbers for sustainable access and conservation of climbing environments.   

“I don’t think there’s ever been a more fun way of supporting conservation,” Clearman stated. “Whether you’re using the MicroSend to map out your next project or to hang reminders on your fridge, it’s a little way of giving back and adding micro-moments of joy throughout your day.”

MicroSend is currently only available here and will be available at REI’s nationwide in late September 2021.

Cover photo courtesy of Outdoor Research of their new ActiveIce Sport Hijab

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