Second Life Podcast: Julia Haart

Creating financial freedom and autonomy (particularly for women) is a mission that runs through Haart to her core, and when you learn of her first life, it’s not difficult to understand why. Until she was 43 years old, Haart lived in an Orthodox Jewish community in Monsey, New York, where she taught and raised four children. “As I got older and started educating myself, the more and more I read, the more I understood of what was outside of my world, the more unhappy I became, and the more that I couldn’t keep it in anymore,” says Haart. In 2013, with a limited understanding of the outside world and no college degree, she left the community and stepped into a new way of life entirely. It’s an astonishing story that’s currently being featured in her new unscripted Netflix docuseries My Unorthodox Life—which depicts her professional life at EWG and her personal life as she guides her children to follow their own passions. 

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