The 10 Best Makeup Balms for Low-Maintenance Beauty

If I had to define my daily makeup aesthetic with one phrase, it would be “low-maintenance.” Even though I appreciate full-face makeup looks, and the effort and detail that goes into them (my saved photos on Instagram are proof), I personally prefer a minimal approach. For me, that usually means foundation, a touch of concealer, a coat of mascara, and lip, cheek, or eye color. 

Here’s the thing, though. When it comes to the last part, I almost never use more than one product. Instead, I’ll use one multitasking makeup balm that I can quickly and easily apply to all areas of my face without the need for a brush, a sponge, or even a mirror if I’m really in a pinch. These makeup balms range from multi-use color sticks to repurposed cream blushes and beyond, and needless to say, I’ve accumulated quite the collection. Keep scrolling to see my 10 favorite multipurpose makeup products to use year-round (but especially in the summer when I crave a quick, colorful, and low-maintenance look).

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