What to Wear to the Airport When It’s 90 Degrees

You leave the house lugging a heavy suitcase behind you, and by the time you get to the car, there’s sweat slinking its way down your neck: Welcome to summer. When it’s hot out, all we can think of is wearing as little clothing as possible, especially when heading on vacation somewhere delectably exotic. But one mistake that’s easy to make when the weather app is predicting temperatures 90 and above is boarding an airplane unprepared.

All it takes is that first arctic chill to blow its way around the cabin to feel the stab of both regret and goosebumps, knowing that your only sweater is tucked away in your checked bag. The key to navigating travel when it’s hot outside is to prepare for both the arctic chill of the AC and the oppressive heat outside as best you can. Think in layers and wear your warmest pieces (or at least keep them in your carry-on). To help you figure it all out, we’re highlighting five celebrity airport looks to help you navigate travel wear when it’s an un-cool 90 degrees out.

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